One Good Turn – our Newsletter


                                                                       Yellowstone Woodturners

                                                                                 March 13, 2019


Introduction of Guests:  Several guests were present.    

President’s comments: My thanks to the Board of Directors for doing an awesome job of carrying on the business of the club in my absence.  Lots of new avenues have been explored in the areas of fund raising, outreach and other programs to benefit our club.  I also thank all our members for stepping up with new presentations for club meetings.  It appears that I have missed out on some pretty informative sessions.  Carry on.  I’ll see you in April.

Treasurer’s report:   All current bills are paid

Correspondence:  None

Members present:  25 

Next month project:  a gavel

March demo presenter:  Dr. Van and Stan Lambert on threading 

Old Business:

  1. Symposium:  We have confirmed that our presenter will be Allen Jensen, Longmont, CO and the dates will be September 28-29, 2019.
  2. Our Board attended a Big Sky Economic Development Seminar on fund raising and grant writing.  We will now pursue some of the ideas presented.  
  3. Craft show possibilities: no specific action taken
  4. West high classes:  The West High shop instructor asked for guidance on how to acquire turning skills.
  5. Internet provider:  A new web host will be hired, and the new program makes data entry much easier.
  6. Informed Consent Waiver: A new waiver was presented which will need to be signed by our members and any visiting presenter in order to limit liability. 


New Business

  1. Montana Fair:  It looks like our club will be invited to do a presentation in the barn (like we have done in the past). The board will need to contact the fair board.
  2. Open shop:  Planned for May 18 at Phil Scott’s shop.
  3. Roger Hust presented a talk on gluing up wood stock to turn.
  4. April’s project:  a gavel
  5. April Presentation:  Dr. Van and Stan Lambert on threading by hand and by lathe.  

 Submitted by: Dr. Van, Secretary