Benefits of Membership –

  • Affiliation with the American Association of Wood turners.               
  • “One Good Turn” – our monthly newsletter.
  • Skill Building Sessions among our members.
  • Topic Specific Small Discussion Groups for information sharing.
  • Membership skills Inventory which is shared among our members.
  • Library of many books, videos, magazines, catalogs, and articles of interest to woodturners.
  • A grinder complete with turning tool sharpening system that is loaned to members on a monthly basis.
  • Lots of opinions, freely shared, about all aspects of woodturning among our members.
  • “Show & Tell” Sessions among members at our meetings.
  • Wood. . . Sharing, Sources, Exchanges, and Door Prizes.
  • Informal Mentoring.
  • Open Shops where you can meet other turners in an “Unnaturally Clean” shop environment.
  • Camaraderie, Conversation, and Sharing among people with like interests.
  • Annual membership dues:  $25.