2018 Symposium

                                                              Yellowstone Woodturners       

                                                                          Symposium 13  

                                                              Featuring:         STAN RECORD

 Stan Record, is a long-time turner and now resident instructor with Craft Supplies USA.  Stan has an extensive knowledge of wood turning tools, equipment and turning techniques along with the ability to share this knowledge with students in a clear, concise manner.  Stan emphasizes fundamentals including sharpening and tool techniques giving students a firm foundation to build upon.  At Craft Supply USA, Stan teaches both the intermediate and basic 3 & 5 day workshops.

Demonstrations on:

Embellishing platters, bowls, and boxes, utilizing grinder, colored paste, texturing tools, dremel, relief carving and color applications. 

Our Symposium featuring Stan Record was a huge success!  Everyone learned a lot about more pleasing forms for bowls (ogee curves), texturing and coloring.  Stan also did a demonstration on tool sharpening which was very informative.  Showing us how to make boxes and lids with the “5-second drop” friction technique as well as his hollowing technique using a bowl gouge.

bowl with ogee curve
Stan Record
using another bowl as a “jam” chuck to finish bottom of first bowl
Demonstrating how a bowl edge (lip) should feel
Finishing the inside of a bowl
finishing the “spigot” aspect of the box with a straight edged tool
double tenons
texturing off of the lathe
Sharpening demonstration for roughing gouge
Texture and color samples on edge of platter
Applying color with an airbrush
Example of hand-carving (grinding) on a bowl
Example of color and texture on a platter
Turning the bottom of a platter



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