The Monthly Newsletter of Yellowstone Woodturners
Billings, Montana

November 2014                            Vol. 15, No.11


From the Editor

Those Members who did not attend the business meeting and wish to know the status of the Clubs funds can contact the club Treasurer, Martin Robinson (406)-252-4457.

For those who liked the PBS Woodturning videos by Tim Yoder, Woodturning Workshop, He is now teaming up with Popular Woodworking and producing videos again.  They are free to watch on your computer and can be found at :  There are now 6 videos that you can watch on Popular Woodworking's website.


Woodturning Workshop


Think About Turning Today!


Meeting Location

Roaring 20’s Auto Club clubhouse, 7400 Grand Avenue.




Officers: Dr. Van, Martin, Stan, Nick, Ron

Call for Guests: Jeff Mead Central High shop teacher

Cookies by: Ralph Torrence

Health Reports:


Show and Tell: October challenge (Finials)

Dan Vanderhoof: Brought two finials, one made from Maple and the other made from Alder,

both unfinished.

Dr Van: Brought a finial, kind of wood unknown with a finish of black paint.

Tim Morgan: Brought a finial made from Maple, unfinished.

Dale Molyneaux: Brought a finial made from Oak, finish unknown.

Other show and tell:

Dale Molyneaux: Brought a bowl made from Box Elder, unfinished.

Chris Simonsen: Brought 3 vases 1 out of Walnut, 1out of Cherry, and 1 out of Hickory, they

all were finished with super glue.

Treasurer’s report: We made a fare amount of profit from our September work shop with

George Oliver and still carry a good balance. If you have questions call

Martin. The club is looking into purchasing a used lathe if the price and

condition is right.

New Business:

Gathering wood: We were given a full box of 2X2 Maple blanks our charitable

efforts from Northwoods Figured Wood, Forest Grove, OR.

Soliciting new members: Nothing new to report.

Hands On Workshops:

AAW (sent magazines for anyone interested in joining) This is their new year drive for finding new members. If you are interested call Dr Van for more information.

Billings Public Library:

September 20 from 11 AM to 3 PM, demo and visiting with visitors, report by Jerry Gipe.

Jerry told us that it went well and he made several different things. He also told us that he sold about $150 worth of his turnings and that we could sell some of our turnings there.

High School classes:

Dan Vanderhoof and Jerry Gipe did their first teaching at West High and they had 10 students. They told us that things went very well and that they could use a little more help. If you would like to give them a hand they have a class once a month, probably going to be on the first Wednesday of the month. Give Dan or Jerry a call to get more information.

Monthly turning challenge:

My best discovery lately: There was no discovery given at this meeting.

Juried critique of turning: There was no critique at this meeting

Christmas Party:  Is at our regular meeting, 7:00 PM on December 10 at South Side SeniorCenter, potluck.


We will be having election of officers coming up. The treasurer's position is up for election, so if you are interested or have some one in mind let Dr Van know.

Ralph Pehl has a tent set up curing wood and you would like more information or would like to see his setup give him a call.

We had two new guests come to the meeting to see what we are all a bought. We sure hope they decide to join the club.

PROGRAM: To watch a Tim Yoder CD.

PROGRAM: There wasn't a program talked about for our next meeting.



From the Library


Calendar of Events

November 12th 7:00 Roaring 20’s Auto Club clubhouse: challenge - Goblet

December 10th 7:00 South Side Senior Center: Christmas Dinner - Pot Luck, challenge - Christmas Ornament


Wanted, For sale, Free 

This is your area,  Email, or phone Paul if you have an item to post here.


A Message From Members



"Creativity Is Allowing Yourself To Make Mistakes.

Art Is Knowing Which Mistakes To Keep."

Happy Turning


Club Sponsors


PRESIDENT:  Richard Vande Veegaete (Dr. Van) (406)245-9945
Stan Lambert  (406)348-3499
SECRETARY:  Nick Enslander (406)259-6762
Martin Robinson (406)-252-4457
Librarian: Marjorie Ferrin (406) 656-1744
Photographer: George Hoffman (406) 259-9023
Technical Advisor: Newsletter & Website Editor: Paul Spencer (406) 861-6718
Web Site:

“One Good Turn” is the monthly newsletter of Yellowstone Woodturner

Billings, Montana

Yellowstone Woodturners Club

PO Box 21836

Billings, MT 59104

A local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners.


Map to Meeting Location


Next Years Symposium

To be Announced.

Give us your suggestions for a guest presenter.



Agenda (November 12, 2014)

Officers: Dr. Van, Martin, Stan, Nick, Ron

Call for Guests:

Cookies by: Luann Auker

Treasurer’s report:

Show and Tell:

New Business:

2015 Dues are due, remain at $25

Passing of “Creeky”, Floyd Creekmore, age 98, clown noses were passed out at his Funeral

Great Falls Woodturners annual symposium, September 26 & 27, 2015, presenter is Rudy Lopez from Florida (from Barry Rockwell, President)

Yellowstone Woodturners Symposium for 2015… any ideas?

Gathering Wood

Hands On Workshop with George Oliver, last session was on October 11… how about 2015?

High school classes

Christmas Party: At our regular meeting, 7:00 PM on December 10 at South Side Senior Center, potluck

Election of officers for 2015

President… Nominee is Ron Velin

Treasurer… Nominee is Leona Gipe

Secretary… Nick Emslander remains in office

Vice President… Stan Lambert remains in office

Call for any more nominees

Monthly turning challenge

November… goblet

December… Christmas Ornament