The Monthly Newsletter of Yellowstone Woodturners
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February 2013                             Vol. 14, No.2


From the Editor

Those Members who did not attend the business meeting and wish to know the status of the Clubs funds can contact the club Treasurer, Martin Robinson (406)-252-4457.

New Meeting Location Starting January 2013

 Roaring 20'S Auto Club

7400 Grand Ave


Think About Turning Today!

February 2013 President’s Message:

2013 meetings are off to a roaring start. The presentation on finishing wood turnings by Ed Auker was excellent. The acquisition of the new Delta midi-lathe and our new location at the Roaring 20’s clubhouse is a quantum leap forward for our ability to do presentations.

February Meeting Presentation:

Don’t miss the February meeting. Chris Simonsen will turn a duck call and instruct us on “how it is done.”

February Workshop:

We will have a workshop on Saturday, February 16 at Stan Lambert’s shop to turn urns. The Mitchelloti-Sawyer Mortuary has a need to bury some US military personnel cremains that were never claimed. For this they need urns. In the October 2012 AAW Magazine there was an article outlining how a New York chapter of the AAW was making urns for the same purpose and outlined the format for making the urns. This involved making twelve 7 1/2 “segmented staves which are glued together to form a tube which is then turned. Then tops and bottoms are also turned to complete the urn. The top/bottom pieces are discs of wood that are 9 inches in diameter. If you come to the Workshop we will be able to saw the staves for you to the length, width, and bevel needed and then help you glue them. Please bring your own lumber… preferably a plank that is ¾ inch thick, 5 inches wide and 5 feet long. And bring the top/bottom wood. For this you will probably have to glue a couple of boards together. And bring your own wood glue.

And remember… 2013 dues are due if you haven’t paid.

This will be a banner year for the Yellowstone Woodturners!

Dr. Van


Meeting Location

Roaring 20’s Auto Club clubhouse, 7400 Grand Avenue. (see map below).




January 2013 Meeting Minutes

Show & Tell:
- Dr. Van brought is his latest scrollwork clock an a car model.
- Ellis Wyman - segmented bowl
- Ralph Pehl brought in oak & maple stave bowls. He used his chop saw and radial arm saw to cut the staves.
- Paul brought in oak and maple castle banks made with threaded lids; a maple bowl and a segmented bolo tie
- Mick brought in 2 of his many pens he has made in December
- Ralph T. brought in his latest intarsia work, a nice bull elk.
- Dave T. brought in kaleidoscopes he made with several mirrors and lenses.
- Phil Scott brought in a walnut lamp, the shade was made using his new monster tool. The base was roistered with spiral flutes.
Treasurer’s report:
Balance of just under $3000 after the purchase of the lathe and lifting table.
- Club dues are due. Contact Martin if you have not paid your 2013 dues - $25.
- Delta midi lathe was purchased by the club to be used for demos at our meetings.
- George will demo woodturning at the monthly crafters meeting at the Parmly Billings library.
- Dr. Van, Jerry Gipe and Lloyd Reimann will audit the 2012 finances.
- West High open shop January 16 at 3:00 pm. Students will turn lidded bowls under the guidance of club members. Contact Paul or Stan if you would like to help out.
Ed Auker gave a nice presentation and good tips to improve all of you wood turning techniques; cutting, sanding, finishing and polishing. A lot of interest in the demo of finishing cuts to get that smooth finish to reduce any sanding you need to do.
Upcoming events:
- Next club meeting February13th , 7:00 pm at the Roaring 20‘s car club.
- West High woodturning February 20th at 3:00 pm. Contact Paul for details if you want to help.
- Open shop at Stan‘s in February (date TDB) focusing on making burial urns for military vets.




From the Library


Calendar of Events

Feb 13th Roaring 20’s Auto Club clubhouse:

Feb 16th Open shop at Stan's: Making burial urns for military vets

Feb 20th West High Turning: Lidded Boxes

March 13th Roaring 20’s Auto Club clubhouse:

March 20th West High Turning: Lidded Boxes


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A Message From Members


"Creativity Is Allowing Yourself To Make Mistakes.

Art Is Knowing Which Mistakes To Keep."

Happy Turning


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