The Monthly Newsletter of Yellowstone Woodturners
Billings, Montana

April 2012                             Vol. 13, No.4


From the Editor

Those Members who did not attend the business meeting and wish to know the status of the Clubs funds can contact the club Treasurer, Martin Robinson (406)-252-4457.


Think About Turning Today!

April 2012 Presidentís Message:

Easter and the awakening of a new spring season are already upon us. The warmer days, the returning bird flyovers, and the grass growing is a welcome sight. And woodturners are increasingly getting out into the outdoors. Just last week a group of Yellowstone turners traveled to Hardin to harvest an elm tree that was cut down in a front yard. The wood was returned to Stan Lambertís shop at Huntley and will be sawed into blanks on Saturday, March 31 starting at 10:00. Any helpers who can come are absolutely welcome. And of course, the members of the Club will share in the elm blanks. At our next meeting we will have a program and demonstration of the best ways to sharpen tools. And then in May our program will be a demonstration of turning a double helix (off center turning). SoÖ. Our 2012 season is in full gear.

Donít forget, you are welcome:

Elm tree blanks to be cut:

Saturday, March 31, 10:00

Stan Lamberts Shop, 504 Pickens Rd., Huntley

See you there. Dr. Van


Meeting Location

Meeting place, South Side Senior Citizens Center, 901 South 30 street. (see map below).




March 2012 Meeting Minutes


Hank & Rita NcNeel. Phil Scott.

Thanks to Jane for providing the chocolate chip cookies.

Health Report
: No updates

Show & Tell:
- Dave Torrance brought several boxes with some nice carving on the lids.
- Dr. Van showed a sculptural vase made from cedar with walnut legs.
- Members brought 22 soup bowls that will be donated to the Red Lodge food bank for auction.

Treasurers Report:
February balance was given

We had a successful open shop at StanĎs with 25 attendees. Several bowls were made for the Red Lodge Food bank and there were good demos provided by Paul S., Ed A., and Dan S.
- We have 39 paid members for 2012.
- West High students roughed turned green wood bowls which will be finished at the late April session.
- The club received a Joan Kelly Grant of $100 to be spent on improving member safety. Building additional plexiglass shields for use during demos and at the fair was agreed on. Dr. van, Martin and Ed to get costs to build the shields.
- Yellowstone Art Museum has agreed to let us participate in the May Artwalk. We will have some space in the atrium for setting up a couple of tables to display turnings and club literature. Club members will be allowed to sell their work. Dan V to follow up to see if we can have some space for plywood panel(s) to display Intarsia or other objects and if YAM will charge a commission on sold items.

- Safety was the presentation for the meeting. Dr. Van discussed several hearing protection items including battery powered ear muffs that allow you to hear normal sounds but limit the maximum to 85 decibels. He also discussed several dust masks including the Triton powered air mask.
Upcoming events:

- Elm tree salvage in Hardin March 17th.

- The April 11th club meeting will have a sharpening demo and the Annual Easter Egg turning contest!

- North Dakota Symposium April 20-22. This is a hands on symposium. Contact Stan for more info.

- Router workshop at Stanís shop in May.

- Open shop at Dan V.ís on June 16th.



From the Library

2011 AAW Instant Gallery & Critique
2011 AAW Symposium Techniques Volume One
2011 AAW Symposium Techniques Volume Two


Calendar of Events

April 11th 7:00pm South Park Senior Citizens Center, 901 South 30th Street, Billings: Annual Easter Egg turning contest, Tool sharpening,  Bring a tool You want help sharpening, or bring that custom made jig to make sharpening easer.

April 20-22 North Dakota Symposium: This is a hands on symposium. Contact Stan for more info.

May 9th 7:00pm South Park Senior Citizens Center, 901 South 30th Street, Billings: Turning a double helix (off center turning)

June 16th Open shop at Dan Vanís


Wanted, For sale, Free 

This is your area,  Email, or phone Paul if you have an item to post here.


A Message From Members


"Creativity Is Allowing Yourself To Make Mistakes.

Art Is Knowing Which Mistakes To Keep."

Happy Turning


Club Sponsors



PRESIDENT:  Richard Vande Veegaete (Dr. Van) (406)245-9945
Stan Lambert  (406)348-3499
SECRETARY:  Dan Vanderhoof (406)696-5382
Martin Robinson (406)-252-4457
Librarian: Marjorie Ferrin (406) 656-1744
Photographer: George Hoffman (406) 259-9023
Technical Advisor: Newsletter & Website Editor: Paul Spencer (406) 861-6718
Web Site:

ďOne Good TurnĒ is the monthly newsletter of Yellowstone Woodturner

Billings, Montana

Yellowstone Woodturners Club

PO Box 21836

Billings, MT 59104

A local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners.

South Park Senior Citizens Center, 901 South 30th Street, Billings



AGENDA (April 11, 2012)


Call for Guests:

Cookies by:

Health Reports:


Show and Tell:

Treasurer Report:

Old Business:

Report on West High Lathe Classes, Paul Spencer and Stan Lambert

Report on Elm Tree salvage on Saturday, March 17 (from a front yard in Hardin) and plan to cut blanks at Stanís Lamberts Shop on Saturday, March 31 at 10:00

Progress on construction of new viewing shield (Joan Kelly Grant)

Future Workshops

Router Workshop at Stan Lambertís Shop, Huntley

June 16, Workshop at Dan Vanderhoofís Shop, Lockwood

May 4, Art Walk, Display and sales table at Yellowstone Are Museum

Annual AAW symposium, to be held in San Jose, California Friday June 08 through Sunday June 10, 2012, at the San Jose Convention & Cultural Facilities.

July or August Summer tree harvest outing and picnic

August 10-18, Montana State Fair

October 6-7 Symposium

November, Workshop at Stan Lambertís Shop, Huntley

New Business

Club participation in Billings Art Walk

Mail billing for membership fee to those not yet paid

Posting info sheet at local hardware/lumber stores



Judging eggs and awarding prizes for Easter Egg Turning Contest

Tool Sharpening: Bring a tool You want help sharpening, or bring that custom made jig to make sharpening easer.