Arrow & Heart puzzle

No, this one doesn't come apart, the puzzle is trying to figure out how you got the one piece arrow through the heart. All the romantic teenagers and young adults like this one. I start with "one by" wood, 3/4 inch to 13/16 inch thick, for the heart you can use just about any lumber. The arrow must be a "soft" wood, I use basswood. Cut the heart and arrow out, I think I forgot to mention that the heart is 3 inches across, and 2 7/8 inches tall, then drill the 7/16 inch hole through the heart as shown, about 1/8 inch from one side. Sand the heart round, and down at the bottom. Sand the shaft of the arrow approximately round, and round the arrowhead a little. Put the arrowhead in an inch of boiling water for 5 minutes or so, I let it soak in the hot water another 5. Now, using a wood handclamp compress the arrowhead down as shown and let it sit for a while, so it won't spring out too fast when released. Have your hammer ready, release the clamp and quickly shove and hammer the arrow through the heart. The arrowhead should bounce right back, if it doesn't you can clamp the sides or pour more hot water on just the head. Let it dry, then cut the notch in the feather end as shown and sand down the arrowhead. Be careful, don't want to goof at this point. Next mark what you want to wood burn on the heart with pencil and burn it. Lightly sand the pencil marks off and give it a couple of coats of clear paint, plastic, whatever, so the wood still shows. This project only takes about half an hour to make, but put a piece of magnetic tape on it to hang it on the refrigerator and it makes a great little gift. Have fun, that's the main thing. Below are the construction photos.