The Monthly Newsletter of Yellowstone Woodturners
Billings, Montana

June 2014                            Vol. 15, No.6


From the Editor

Those Members who did not attend the business meeting and wish to know the status of the Clubs funds can contact the club Treasurer, Martin Robinson (406)-252-4457.

For those who liked the PBS Woodturning videos by Tim Yoder, Woodturning Workshop, He is now teaming up with Popular Woodworking and producing videos again.  They are free to watch on your computer and can be found at :  There are now 6 videos that you can watch on Popular Woodworking's website.


Woodturning Workshop


Think About Turning Today!

May 2014, Presidentís Message:

The year is rapidly moving forward and that means our woodturning season is getting busier. Here is the summer schedule:

May 22: We appeared on KTVQ2 for an interview concerning our making of urns for the cremains of veterans. It was excellent and has generated some response from the community.

June 11: Our next regular meeting

June 21: Next hands-on workshop session with George Oliver at Dan Vanderhoofís Shop. Other sessions will be on July 12, September 13, and October 4.

August 8-16: Montana Fair and our demonstration daily at the Hobby Hall

August 21: Presentation at noon at the Western Heritage Museum. The presentation will be filmed and be put in the Museum library for anyone to view in the future.

August 23-24: Symposium 9 with Kip Christensen

And that means we will be busy! Thank you everyone for participating!

Dr. Van


Meeting Location

Roaring 20ís Auto Club clubhouse, 7400 Grand Avenue.




 Minutes (Wednesday, May 14, 2014 Meeting)

Officers: Dr. Van, Martin, Stan, Nick, Ron

Call for Guests: No guest for May meeting.

Cookies by: Nick Emslander

Health Reports: Paul Spencer is back home from the hospital, but still unable to attend the meeting.

We hope to see soon, Paul.


We lost another member, Dan Buska. Dr. Van told us that six club members met with Dan at the

airport when he returned from his Honors Flight to Washington D.C. and that they all had had a great

talking together. Then we were told Dan passed away the next morning. The family gave us a project

Dan was working on and asked us if we would like to finish it. So if you are interested in finishing it

call Dr. Van.

Show and Tell: May Challenge (scoops)

Ron Velin: 2 scoops, one he called his coffee scoop which was made from walnut and one he called his dog food scoop which was made from a piece of 2x4.

Dr. Van: 1 scoop , kind of wood unknown.

Stan Lambert: 1 scoop made from maple.

Nick Emslandder: 1 scoop made from maple with wire burn detail and no finish on it.

Not as good of participation as we have seen.

Other Show and Tell:

Dr. Van: A segmented lidded box made of black walnut, maple, and juniper from an old fence

post. The finish was a sprayed on Deft lacquer.

Dave Torrence: Brought 2 pieces, one he called a landscape that had a stylized fish made from

black walnut on a Russian olive base. The second was a piece he called a bell

made from maple on a Russian olive base.

Jerry Gipe: Brought a hollow form made from a old juniper fence post and a clock made from

zebra wood. Finishes unknown.

Ralph Torrence: Brought turkey made from a variety of exotic hard wood inlays.

George Oliver critiqued Dr. Van's lidded box and Jerry's hollow form and it was very

informative, but not critical. Thank you George.

Treasurerís report: We sent out a $40 Memorial in Dan Buska's name to Rocky Mountain

Hospice. We made $32 on wood sales, $50 from hands on workshop, and

$25 in member dues. We still carry a good balance. Call Martin for more


New Business:

  • Presidentís plan for the year 2014

Gathering wood:

Nothing new to report.

Soliciting new members

KTVQ2 met with Dr. Van, Stan, and Ron at Dr. Van's shop and made a video on our urn project for unclaimed cremains of veterans. They did a story in

connection with dedication of the Laurel Military Cemetery as a National Military Cemetery. The clip was seen on Q2 evening news Friday before

Memorial Day.

Hands On Workshops

    George Oliver's next session will be June 21 at Dan Vanderhoof's shop. It will be on making lidded boxes. Time and the members who would like to attend

    will be discussed at the next meeting. If you would like to attend call Dr. Van. The cost to participate is $15, to go and view is $8.

Montana Fair August 8-16, 2014

Western Heritage Museum

August 21, presentation and filming 45 minute presentation with lathe present and finished items to stay at Museum and be seen by visitor.

Symposium 9: Kim Christensen, August 23-24

Monthly turning challenge

    May ... flour scoop

    June ... birdhouse ornament

High school classes: Dan Vanderhoof told us a little about the classes he and Jerry Gipe taught.  Dan taught the 8:00 AM and Jerry taught the 3:00 PM class and they enjoyed them. Dan said the classes are finished for this year, but they could always use more help.

    My best discovery lately:

    There was no discovery given at this meeting.

OTHER BUISENESS: There is still time to call Stan if you would to sell some of work or attend the craft show at the Huntley Project Museum on June 6 and 7. Call Stan for more information.

PROGRAM: Dr. Van showed us a video on how to fell trees and dry your wood when you are collecting it for your use.

PROGRAM: Finish the second half of the video from the last meeting.

CHALLENGE FOR JUNE: Birdhouse ornament



From the Library


Calendar of Events

June 11th,7:00 Roaring 20ís Auto Club clubhouse:  Presidentís challenge: Birdhouse Ornament

July 9th 7:00 Roaring 20ís Auto Club clubhouse:  Presidentís challenge: Any type of a bowl


Wanted, For sale, Free 

This is your area,  Email, or phone Paul if you have an item to post here.


A Message From Members



"Creativity Is Allowing Yourself To Make Mistakes.

Art Is Knowing Which Mistakes To Keep."

Happy Turning


Club Sponsors


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SECRETARY:  Nick Enslander (406)259-6762
Martin Robinson (406)-252-4457
Librarian: Marjorie Ferrin (406) 656-1744
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Map to Meeting Location



Yellowstone Woodturners

Symposium 9


Kip W. Christensen

Kip W. Christensen, PhD, is a professor in the School of Technology at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He is also an accomplished and well-known woodturner. His work has been published in over 20 books and in a variety of magazines and journals, and displayed in many galleries and international juried exhibitions. He has given over 150 national and several international presentations. Gallery curator and author Kevin Wallace wrote "The work of Kip Christensen is always aesthetically pure and technically precise". And he has a unique ability to speak and communicate with the average turner.


Roaring 20'S Auto Clubhouse

7400 Grand Ave

Billings, Montana


Saturday, August 23 and Sunday,  August 24



Yellowstone Woodturners

Agenda (June 11, 2014)

Officers: Dr. Van, Martin, Stan, Nick, Ron

Call for Guests:

Cookies by: Jerry Gipe

Health Reports:


Treasurerís report:

Show and Tell: Presentation of birdhouse ornament (June challenge)

New Business:

Gathering wood

  • Free wood given at meeting, Fred Majors cut down a tree and offered the wood

TV appearance

  • On May 22 KTVQ 2 presented on itís evening news the interview concerning our urn project for unclaimed cremains of veterans. Our story was in connection with the upcoming dedication of the Laurel Military Cemetery as a National Military Cemetery. It was excellent. Show interview.

Soliciting new members

Hands On Workshops

  • George Oliver (report on May 10 session)

  • Next sessions will be

  • June 21   Vanderhoof Shop   Lidded boxes
    July 12   Lambert Shop
    Sept 13   Scott Shop
    Oct 4     Shop to be determined

  • Line up 6 turners and those who wish to be observers

Montana Fair

  • August 8-16, 2014

Western Heritage Museum

  • August 21, presentation and filming

  • 45 minutes presentation with lathe present and finished items

Symposium 9:

  • August 23-24, Kip Christensen

Monthly turning challenge (being added to webpage)

  • JuneÖ birdhouse ornament

  • JulyÖ Any type of a bowl

High school classes

  • My best discovery lately:

Juried critique of turning: