The Monthly Newsletter of Yellowstone Woodturners
Billings, Montana

January 2013                             Vol. 14, No.1


From the Editor

Those Members who did not attend the business meeting and wish to know the status of the Clubs funds can contact the club Treasurer, Martin Robinson (406)-252-4457.

New Meeting Location Starting January 2013

 Roaring 20'S Auto Club

7400 Grand Ave


Think About Turning Today!

January 2013 Presidentís Message:

Our New Year is beginning!! And that is going to mean changes!!

The first change is our new meeting location. Our January meeting is on January 9 at 7:00 PM. We will now meet at the Roaring 20ís Auto Club clubhouse located at 7400 Grand Avenue.  Directions to get there: At the Shilo and Grand Avenue Roundabout head West on Grand Avenue for 4 miles until you cross over the railroad tracks. You canít miss it. The railroad tracks only cross Grand once and the railroad signs are prominent. Immediately over the tracks take a short gravel road to the left (up the hill a block) and there is the clubhouse and a paved lot. There is an 8X8 foot Roaring 20ís Auto Club sign on the left immediately over the tracks. You canít miss the place (See Map Below).  This new location will allow us to use a lathe at meetings and will also save us some money.

If you get lost (highly doubtful) you can call me at 545-0777 that night and I will get you to the clubhouse.

The second change is that the Yellowstone Woodturners have recently purchased a new Delta midi-lathe and lift table to set it on. This means that we can use it at our meetings and that we can leave it at the clubhouse.

By the way, 2013 dues are now being collected ($25).

It looks like this year will stack up to be even a better year for our Turners than last year.

See you on the 9th.

Dr. Van


Meeting Location

Roaring 20ís Auto Club clubhouse, 7400 Grand Avenue. (see map below).




December 2012 Meeting Minutes
2012 Accomplishments:  
- 3 workshops at members shops to increase and share skills.
- Continued with woodturning classes at West High 
- Great participation at the Montana fair and we won awards for our demonstrations
- Successful Symposium  7 featuring segmented woodturning with Malcomb Tibbets and wood dying with Sam Angelo.
- Utilized Power Point and computer for meeting presentations.
- Gained three new members 
- Dr. Van and Dan Vanderhoof were re-elected to the president and secretary positions.
- For 2013 we will have our monthly meetings at the Roaring 20ís car club.  They also have space for storage of some of our equipment.
- Club will look into demonstrating woodturning for Boy Scouts clubs.
- Club can get a booth to sell donated turnings at the Family Life Expo February 2nd ($195 for club)
- Follow up on purchasing midi lathe for club
End of Year Show & Tell/Contest
 Lots of great woodturnings and other projects.  Thanks to everyone who brought something in to share.  The contest winners are:
Chris Simonsen for an aspen hollow form and cattails 
Ralph Torrance for his model car
Paul Spencer for a segmented bear
Derrick Reimann for a miniature holiday ornament
Dan Vanderhoof for a natural edge bowl
Upcoming events:  
- January club meeting January 9th , 7:00 pm at the Roaring 20Ďs car club.
- West High woodturning January 16th at 3:00 pm.  Contact Paul for details if you want to help. 
- Open shop at StanĎs in February focusing on making burial urns for military vets.



From the Library


Calendar of Events

Jan 9th Roaring 20ís Auto Club clubhouse: Woodturning Notes: Lathe speed

Feb 13th Roaring 20ís Auto Club clubhouse:

Feb Open shop at Stan's: Making burial urns for military vets


Wanted, For sale, Free 

This is your area,  Email, or phone Paul if you have an item to post here.


A Message From Members


"Creativity Is Allowing Yourself To Make Mistakes.

Art Is Knowing Which Mistakes To Keep."

Happy Turning


Club Sponsors



PRESIDENT:  Richard Vande Veegaete (Dr. Van) (406)245-9945
Stan Lambert  (406)348-3499
SECRETARY:  Dan Vanderhoof (406)696-5382
Martin Robinson (406)-252-4457
Librarian: Marjorie Ferrin (406) 656-1744
Photographer: George Hoffman (406) 259-9023
Technical Advisor: Newsletter & Website Editor: Paul Spencer (406) 861-6718
Web Site:

ďOne Good TurnĒ is the monthly newsletter of Yellowstone Woodturner

Billings, Montana

Yellowstone Woodturners Club

PO Box 21836

Billings, MT 59104

A local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners.



Map to Meeting Location


Yellowstone Woodturners

Symposium 8

Featuring ?

We are looking to you for suggestions of who you would like to see.



AGENDA (January 9, 2013)

Call for Guests:
Cookies by:      	
Health Reports:   
Show and Tell:
Treasurer Report:
Old Business:
	Plans for 2013
	Meetings at Roaring 20ís Auto Club clubhouse
	Purchase of Delta lathe and lift table
	February Workshop at Stanís Shop to make burial urns, request for lumber
	Woodturning classes at West High
	Montana Fair
	Symposium 8
	Increase membership
	Turning demos at meetings
	Assisting Boy Scouts to earn turning merit badge
	Creeky article in AAW Magazine
	Recruit new members for AAW
New Business
	Collection of dues for 2013
	2013 Meetings will be held at the Roaring 20ís Auto Club Clubhouse
	Woodturning Notes: Lathe speed