The Monthly Newsletter of Yellowstone Woodturners
Billings, Montana

February 2014                            Vol. 15, No.2


From the Editor

Those Members who did not attend the business meeting and wish to know the status of the Clubs funds can contact the club Treasurer, Martin Robinson (406)-252-4457. We are in need of your suggestions for our 2014 Symposium, let our Club Presidency know who you would like to see or what topic you would like to see covered.


Think About Turning Today!

February 2014, Presidentís Message:

The year is off to a grand start. Already members have had their first open workshop with instruction on tool sharpening, fine bowl turning, and hands-on turning of paper openers. Turning skills are getting better by the day. Congratulations!

Some dates to put on your calendar are the Montana Fair (August 8-16) and our Symposium 9 (August 23-24) featuring Kip Christensen. Kip is a college teacher in Utah, an accomplished turner, and has published several articles and CDís on woodturning and wood preparation. Also on the schedule will be hands-on turning sessions here in Billings (6 sessions from June to November) with George Oliver as the instructor and mentor.

Paul Spencer announced that his firm, MCS Office Products, has recently been sold to a new owner. The Yellowstone Woodturners wish to thank CMS for their generous support of our club over the years and the many times that they contributed to our print and computer needs. Our sincere thanks.

This will be a full year.

Dr. Van


Meeting Location

Roaring 20ís Auto Club clubhouse, 7400 Grand Avenue.




Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Meeting

Officers: Dr. Van, Martin, Stan, Nick, Ron

Call for Guests: No guest for January Cookies by: Stan Lambert

Health Reports: Paul Spencer had the flu and was unable to attend meeting. Don Buska did not make meeting because he felt ill.


Show and Tell: January Challenge (Gavels)

Paul Spencer: Maple handle, head unknown wood, finish unknown. Dr. Van: Walnut stained and finished.

Martin Robin: Zebra & gabon eboney wood, unfinished.

Ron Velin: Mahogany handle, walnut head, finish unknown.

Stan Lambert: Honduras rosewood, finish unknown.

Lloyd Reimann: Brought his High School project, wood & finish unknown.

Dale Molyneaux: Free wood with padded copper cap on one end of the head.

Ralph Torrence: Wood unknown, didn't glue handle to head because he didn't like the look.

Good participation (WAY TO GO)

Other Show and Tell:

Dr. Van: Segmented bowl & gavel knocker pad made of maple & walnut, finish unknown. Sphere made from maple.

Stan Lambert: Bowl made from buckeye burl with no finish.

Dave Torrence: Brought two book ends, one with 3D carved floral design glued on it and one with 3D carved sailboat design glued on it, type of woods and finish unknown.

George Hoffman: Brought pieces for two other turners. Don Buska: Four segmented modern art forms. Two that were candle stink holders and two two that were bowl forms, all made from walnut with unknown finishes. Greg Aldrige: Two bowls made of walnut & maple. One had a band of relief carving on it.

Ralph Pehl: Brought a segmented section with a long hose clamp on it and gave a short presentation on how to use the clamp and where to find them.

Treasurerís report:

Annual 2013 financial report was given and copies were passed out. In short as of year end we had a balance and it was given.

New Business:

Presidentís plan for the year 2014 Gathering wood (there are still ash logs to be cut up into blanks at Stanís, we will address any other wood offerings as they present themselves.) Soliciting new members HowÖ (Ron Velin has accepted the task of outlining and implementing a program to get the Yellowstone Turners name in the public.)

Hands On Workshops:

George Oliver (Hands on sessions once a month, June-November, members will be asked to express their interest at the next meeting, 6 lathes are available and meeting at members shops has been arranged. George will be consulted about whether on-lookers can also attend. (Cost to be determined) The project list are such things bowls, pepper mills, pens, inlay, sanding & finishing, stains & dyes, etc. As of end meeting the top two are inlay & pepper mills.

Montana Fair August 8-16, 2014


Symposium 9: Who, what, when (Kim Christensen, August 23-24)


Monthly turning challenge

FebruaryÖ Letter opener

March... Candle Stick Holder

West High Turning classes  Jan 29th (Currently meeting once a month at West High, Paul Spencer)

Yellowstone County Cemetery seeking new name as National Military Veterans Cemetery, hopefully to be dedicated on Memorial Day (May 26, 2014) We may be able to use the urns we made.

New Officer for 2014

President, Dr. Van, Mentoring, Ron Velin

Vice-president, Stan Lambert

Secretary, Nick Emslander

Treasurer, Martin Robinson


Chris Simonsen paper on CA glue finishing now on Website under projects. It's a very well done paper.

Paul Spencer completed a communion set for Rev. Mark McManus It is a beautiful set and it left Rev. Mark almost speechless. Maybe it will give the club some good exposure.


Dues for the new 2014 year remain at $25 and can be paid now.  We will send out reminders for dues on February 12

First Open Workshop will be held on January 18 at Stan Lambertís shop, 10 to 3, potluck There was a request for a project, none given, so it may be to cut up the ash wood.

Martin Robinson made a proposal that maybe we should have people that are interested in doing presentations for the club, be trained to do them.



PowerPoint on Dr. Vanís trip to India Dr. Van gave a very nice presentation on his trip to India. He also told us how he managed to stay out of prison and or being booted out of country. Lesson: Make sure your passports, visas, and other paper work are up to date when traveling to other countries.

PROGRAM: For February 11 meeting Ralph Pehl is going to give a presentation on segmentation.



From the Library

8 Newly Added videos from Rex Burningham, Our 2013 Symposium guest presenter,   are now available for sign out.

1. Turning Pens with Kip and Rex Volume I.

2. Turning Pens with Kip and Rex Volume II.

3. Woodturning Projects with Kip and Rex volume I.

4. Woodturning Projects with Kip and Rex volume II.

5. Woodturning Projects with Kip and Rex volume III.

6. Woodturning Projects with Kip and Rex volume IV.

7. Woodturning Christmas Ornaments with Kip and Rex volume V.

8. Woodturning Christmas Ornaments with Kip and Rex volume VI.


Calendar of Events

February 12th, 7:00 Roaring 20ís Auto Club clubhouse: Presidentís challenge, Letter Opener

March 12th, 7:00 Roaring 20ís Auto Club clubhouse:  Presidentís challenge, Candle Stick Holder


Wanted, For sale, Free 

This is your area,  Email, or phone Paul if you have an item to post here.


A Message From Members

Ever since I brought a few examples to club meetings I have had a surprising number of comments and questions from members on the subject of using super glue as a finish.
I have tried to fully answer questions on the subject but it is not a simple task for me to include all of the details involved in the process in a short conversation. So, I have written a paper about using super glue as a finish for wood turning projects.
This paper has been posted to the clubs website, under Projects, and a copy has been placed in the clubs Library.



"Creativity Is Allowing Yourself To Make Mistakes.

Art Is Knowing Which Mistakes To Keep."

Happy Turning


Club Sponsors



PRESIDENT:  Richard Vande Veegaete (Dr. Van) (406)245-9945
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SECRETARY:  Nick Enslander (406)259-6762
Martin Robinson (406)-252-4457
Librarian: Marjorie Ferrin (406) 656-1744
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Map to Meeting Location



Yellowstone Woodturners

Symposium 9


Kip W. Christensen

Kip W. Christensen, PhD, is a professor in the School of Technology at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He is also an accomplished and well-known woodturner. His work has been published in over 20 books and in a variety of magazines and journals, and displayed in many galleries and international juried exhibitions. He has given over 150 national and several international presentations. Gallery curator and author Kevin Wallace wrote "The work of Kip Christensen is always aesthetically pure and technically precise". And he has a unique ability to speak and communicate with the average turner.


Roaring 20'S Auto Clubhouse

7400 Grand Ave

Billings, Montana


Saturday, August 23 and Sunday,  August 24



Agenda (Wednesday, February 12, 2014)

Officers: Dr. Van, Martin, Stan, Nick, Ron

Call for Guests:

Cookies by:

Health Reports:


Show and Tell: Presentation of letter openers (February challenge)

Treasurerís report:

New Business:

Gathering wood

Soliciting new members

Hands On Workshops

Montana Fair

Symposium 9:

Monthly turning challenge (being added to webpage)

High school classes

Program: Ralph Pehl, the art of setting up segmented rings

Challenge for March: Candle stick holders