The Monthly Newsletter of Yellowstone Woodturners
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April 2017                            Vol. 18, No.4


From the Editor

We have run out of space for our website.  I will be removing files over the next month that are older than 2011.  If you are new to the club or just want to look back at what others have done in the past, Now is the time to do that.  A copy of the website files will be given to the club before I get started.

Those Members who did not attend the business meeting and wish to know the status of the Clubs funds can contact the club Treasurer,  Leona Gipe (406)248-1664.


Think About Turning Today!


I am finding new ways to broaden my turning experience; color tinting, adding glitter & super glue in a variety of ways, and setting up to do Doc's "basket effect".

We should start having good weather for our meetings as spring has arrived; I passed a ski boat this morning.

Chris Simonson has offered to get us some more alcohol. Same price if less than 10 order - $80 in 5 gallon jugs. If 10 order he thinks his ex-boss will go for $60 each. ( We have 4 takers already). I have three extra lidded drums that came from Chris; and Chris has more free drums for alcohol users (Does that make us sound like some"wild" boys?) Call Chris at 322-9065 and he can have it at our April 12th meeting.
The alcohol drying method is really working for me (that's 'naughty boy' Lambert talking).

Our Fair participation is looking good; I met with Bill Dutcher, head of Metra, and he is ready to spend money to have us there. I've had air conditioners donated to the club so we can be comfortable; and Bill will let us park our logo covered trailer right in front of the building.

Thanks to Jane Kelly new brochures are coming and we need to distribute them.

Last Tuesday we had a second wood cutting day and got through about 2/3 of our 6' X15' X 3' high pile of wood; now cut into bowl blanks with my bandsaw.

Ralph Torrence will be our program for April; and he is going to give us the inside scoop on intarsia.

See you at the meeting. 
Stan Lambert, Pres.   


Meeting Location

Roaring 20’s Auto Club clubhouse, 7400 Grand Avenue.



Minutes (Wednesday March 8, 2017 Meeting)

Officers: Stan, Leona, Tim, Nick

Historian Photographer: Jane Kelly

Call for Guests: We did not have any new guest at this meeting.

Cookies By: Ellis W.

Health Reports: No new reports.

Correspondence: We have some hats and sew on patches with our club's logo for sale. Call Stan L.

Show and Tell: Any project you like.

Roger H. Brought 2 candle holders made from Elm with a spray lacquer finish. He also brought 2 lidded boxes made from Poplar with a spray lacquer finish.

Dale M. Brought a bowl made from Walnut with, a bowl made from Box Elder, a bowl with a valentine hart on it made from Box Elder and a can cooler made from Box Elder all with poly finish.

Gary W. Brought 2 segmented bowls, one made from Maple and Mahogany and the other made from Alder and Mahogany. Both had the club mix finish.

Jane K. Brought a lidded bowl made from Maple and Purple Heart with a CA glue finish.

Dr Van Brought a segmented urn made from Maple, Cherry and Yellow Heart, kind of finish unknown. He also brought 2 off center pieces, kind of wood and finish unknown.

Jerry G. Brought a bowl made from a Box Elder burl with a spray lacquer finish.

Stan L. Brought a lidded box made from a Maple burl, a bowl made from Box Elder, a stain colored vase made from Box Elder, a chisel handle made from Walnut and a screw driver handle made from Maple. All had a club mix finish.

Ralph T. Brought 4 cars and trucks made from a variety of different woods, kind of finishes unknown.

Dan S. Brought 3 bowls, one made from Ash, one from Maple and one made from Walnut. Kind of finishes unknown.

Dan V. Brought a off center bowl made from Honey Locust and Walnut with a tung oil finish.

Jesse C. Brought a piece made from Walnut and Maple, kind of finish unknown.  and handle, kind of wood and finish unknown.

Next month's challenge: Turning ideas, eggs and unique bowls.

Treasurer’s report: Our post office box is paid for the year. We received a thank you letter from the organizers of the Souper Bowl fund raiser. Leona passed it around.

Gathering Wood: We received a large amount of Box Elder wood free from JB's Tree Service. Stan L., Phil S., Dr Van, Jerry G. and Nick E. went to lode it up.

Soliciting New Members: On going

Open Workshop: There will be an open shop at Stan's shop Saturday March 18 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM to start cutting up the Box Elder wood we just

received. There will be a pot luck lunch with drinks and sandwiches brought by the club.

Stan mentioned that we could use another 5 gal. Bucket of sealant. There was a motion and second that we purchase another 5 gals. It was voted on and passed by members present.

Hands On Workshops: Nothing scheduled. Stan L. said he would talk to George O. about them when he gets back.


2017 Dues are due, they remain at $25.

Stan mentioned that we should look into tree cutting again this year and that we all should keep our eyes and ears open for possibility’s. Stan mentioned that we did make $1,000.00 last year doing that. Jane K. mentioned she had some one in her neighborhood that is going to have some trees removed. Stan also said that we should all try to get relationships with tree trimmers.

Stan told us that Dennis Liggett is our demonstrator at our next Symposium. The dates are September 30th and October 1st. Stan is asking for ideas on what we want covered, if you have any suggestions let Stan know. One was to build canteens. Stan will bring some of Dennis Ligget's flyers to the next meeting.

Jane K. put together a sample flyer for our club and it was passed around. All the members thought it looked great. There was a motion and second to pay $50.00 for paper and ink and have Jane make our flyers. It was voted on and passed by present members.

Stan talked about doing charity work that we could do and that we all could think about some ideas. He also mentioned that he had heard from one possibility.

Stan mentioned that he had heard from the board about us participating at the Fair this year, but he is still working on the particulars.

The pictures of the projects for show and tell that Jane takes, Paul now has on our Web Site. Take a look at them, there great.

High School classes: Stan mentioned that they have 5 students participating in the classes and they are very interested.

Grant Status: Stan mentioned that he had not heard any thing yet. Dr Van mentioned that he thought that the AAW has not made any decisions yet.

Jerry G. mentioned that he had talked to George O. and George told him that he may be moving to Texas. That means that we may losing him as a member and a Work Shop teacher.

Dr Van mentioned that we have 11 urns for veterans that Paul S. had made and brought in.

If you need a new members list call Leona. The updated ones are now finished.


PROGRAM: Dr Van did a great program on basket illusion. He started by telling us that he found all the information about basketry from an article in one of AAW magazines. Some of the things you would need to do this are a beading tool, grafts, wood burner, colored pens, and some patience. Dr Van told us he got a beading tool on line at and the graft patterns on line at Blackcat The colored pens and wood burner at any hobby store.

NEXT MONTHS PROGRAM: No program scheduled for next month as of end of meeting.


Cookies sign up:

April - Nick Emslander
May - Dr. Van
June - Dale Molyneaux
July - Jane Kelly
August - Gary Walter


Wanted, For sale, Free 

This is your area,  Email, or phone Paul if you have an item to post here.


A Message From Members


Shop tip from AAW

Lacquer-Saving Idea

If you use spray cans frequently, instead of inverting the can and clearing the nozzle after each use, cover the orifice with a 2" strip of masking tape. When you have finished the entire job in hand, then clear the nozzle for long-term storage. This method ensures that the propellant is not exhausted before the can is empty.

~Cliff Walsh, Croydon North, Austral


An Article From More Woodturning

Debark SAFELY with a Hand Adze
by Bob Heltman

Once upon a time, about 20 plus years ago, I had a forge and became quite interested in blacksmithing. Pounding on red hot steel, especially on a hot day, gives one a deeper appreciation for what our forefathers did in developing our country! At around the same time, I was beginning in woodturning, and forged a number of gouges and scrapers. Two related tools I developed were to aid in larger scale wood carving; these were hand adzes. As it turned out, I became more interested in woodturning, and the adze pictured in Figure 1 was ideal for removing bark from the center of half-logs prior to pinning a log in place between Steb center in headstock and the tailstock.

There were, and are, two approaches to mounting a half log. One is to trust in the firmness of the bark, which often leads to the log coming loose. After a few such accidents, particularly if damage to toes occurs, the second way is to use a hand axe and remove bark in the center of the log. The problem here is that the downward swing can come close to your thumb as your hand steadies the log!

Figure 1. Hand adze that the author made for stripping bark from a piece to be turned.
When using the hand adze, one is facing the full bark side of the half-log. If necessary, the other hand can steady the log and tends to naturally hold the log at its upper left, out of harm’s way. A few carving strokes with the adze gets one down to the wood itself which is a safer grabbing point for the tailstock’s center. Figure 2 shows my two adzes.

Figure 2. This photo shows the author’s two adzes.

I tend to use the longer end of the adze’s blade on the left. The “funny stuff” on the handles is a gripping material that forms to hand-fit by using a hot air gun. (Sorry, source was lost years ago.) Handles were carved on a shaving horse, with the steel heads held in place using epoxy and a carriage bolt, on the left one, and a wedge and epoxy on the right one. Figure 3 shows the heads.

Figure 3. This photo shows the heads of the two adzes of Figure 2.

I tape-wrapped the one handle near the head to cushion against striking wood when sculpting.
In 22 years of use, these tools have stood up perfectly well. While these heads were forged, you can make a very functional adze head with most any piece of flat steel that is about 1/4” thick by 1 1/2” wide, and 4 to 5 inches long. Just drill a good-sized hole in the center and sharpened the edges “lopsided” with the cutting edge at bottom. See Figure 4 to get the idea.

Figure 4. Side view of the head on one of the adzes.

The angle of attack at the cutting edge can be adjusted by grinding, to where the adze functions comfortably within your normal chopping stroke.

Another point concerns the handle. Naturally, a woodturner will be tempted to turn the handle. HOWEVER, it is important that the adze NOT twist when striking wood! This is more likely to happen when your arm is tired, like when you have bucked some logs, split them, and are in a hurry to mount a half-log for green bowl turning. Twisting can result in dangerous glancing blows which may not be appreciated by near body parts! SO, turn the handle off center so it is oblong. Wrapping it with tape that provides extra friction between hand and handle is also a good idea. Ash or hickory are ideal woods.

An adze may not normally be considered a woodturning tool, but if one fells one’s own trees, bucks the logs, paints the ends to ward off checking, and splits the logs lengthwise for bowl blanks, THEN the hand adze becomes as, or more important than, a chain saw.

By the way, sometimes a log will have some loose bark that can fly off dangerously. The hand adze is a fast and ideal way to remove some or all the bark. Since dust, sand, and grit get trapped in rough bark, and will erode the edges of your gouges more quickly, removing all bark first is often a good idea.
Besides, guys never have all the tools they need. Make yourself a hand adze. You will be glad you did.


More Woodturning Magazine
Events Calendar Listing - April - July 2017

April 01, 2017 to April 02, 2017 Totally Turning Symposium 2017 SYMPOSIUM Location: Saratoga Springs, NY Dates: Saturday, April 01, 2017 to Sunday, April 02, 2017 Description:

The Totally Turning Symposium will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 1 & 2, 2017. It will be held concurrently with the NWA's Annual Woodworkers Showcase in Saratoga Springs NY. The event site will be the Saratoga Springs City Center. As in past years, there will be plenty of great demonstrations, an instant gallery, a trade show, and more. Missing will be a Saturday evening banquet. Feedback has told us that many didn't participate or didn't like being confined by the timing. The Totally Turning Symposium will not have a special banquet freeing the attendees to pick their own dining from the wonderful choices in Saratoga Springs. Website:

May 11, 2017 to May 13, 2017 Utah Woodturning Symposium SYMPOSIUM Location: Orem, UT Dates: Thursday, May 11, 2017 to Saturday, May 13, 2017 Description:

Over a three day period you will have the opportunity to learn from many of the industry’s top professionals, to ask questions, to engage and to expand your knowledge. You will also have a chance to meet new woodturners, catch up with old friends and have a great time participating in the evening activities we have to offer. Website:

June 22, 2017 to June 25, 2017 AAW's 31st Annual International Symposium SYMPOSIUM Location: Kansas City, Missouri Dates: Thursday, June 22, 2017 to Sunday, June 25, 2017 Description:

The conference will bring together more than more than 1,500 turners from around the globe to learn, share, and celebrate the art and craft of woodturning making it the largest woodturning event in the world. Read more of the description on the web page. Website:

July 15, 2017 to July 16, 2017
UK and Ireland Woodturning Symposium
Location: Coventry, UK
Dates: Saturday, July 15, 2017 to Sunday, July 16, 2017

This two day symposium is sponsored by a not-for-profit organization promoting woodturning throughout the UK and Ireland.


"Creativity Is Allowing Yourself To Make Mistakes.

Art Is Knowing Which Mistakes To Keep."

Happy Turning


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